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Saturday 21 April 2007

Rebecca Brant

Kagawa Shihan and Bex Sensei - March 16

Sandan Grading March 16

Sandan Grading March 16

With World Chief Instructor Kagawa Shihan March 16

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Above : Bex performs Gankaku at the Japan Festival
- National Railway Museum York

Above : Bex receives her Nidan Certificate from Campbell Sensei
Chairman of the JKS England at the JKS Summer Camp 2011

Above : Bex with her JKS England team mates and Kagawa Shihan,
after winning Bronze Medals in Female team Kumite
at the JKS World Championships - Sept 2011

Above: Bex during her Nidan Grading
- Nottingham - March 2011

Nov 20111stJKSEngland Championships O19 Female Team Kumite
Nov 20114thJKSEngland Championships O19 Female Individual Kumite
Sept 20113rdJKSWorld Championships O19 Female Team Kumite
May 20103rdSSKCO16 Mixed Kata
2nd Kyu & above
Oct 20092ndIJKAIreland - U19 Kumite
Oct 20092ndIJKAIreland - Snr Kumite
Oct 20093rdIJKAIreland Snr Kata
Nov 20083rdJKSTeam Kata
Nov 20083rdJKSTeam Kumite
Aug 20083rdIJKAItaly- Ind Kata
Aug 20083rdIJKAItaly - Ind Kumite
Aug 20082ndIJKAItaly - Team Kumite
May 20082ndSSKCU17 Kata
May 20082ndSSKCU17 Kumite
April 20083rd IJKAIreland - Ind Kata
April 20082ndIJKAIreland - Ind Kumite
July 20073rdIJKAHungary - Ind Kata
May 20071stSSKCU17 Kata
May 20071stSSKCU17 Kumite
Nov 20063rdJKSInd Kata
Nov 20063rdJKSInd Kumite
Nov 20063rdJKSTeam Kata
Aug 20052ndSSKCU17 Kata

Rebecca's Grades
12th Kyu22nd April 2001
11th Kyu5th August 2001
10th Kyu24th march 2002
9th Kyu13th March 2005
8th Kyu5th June 2005
7th Kyu9th October 2005
6th Kyu26th February 2006
5th Kyu5th June 2006
4th Kyu26th November 2006
3rd Kyu1st April 2007
2nd Kyu17th June 2007
1st Kyu11th November 2007
1st Dan
6th April 2008
2nd Dan
12th March 2011
3rd Dan
5th March 2016

Date of Birth: 14th March 1992

Home Town: Wistow, North Yorkshire

Date entered martial arts: Te-At-Su March 1997

Date entered Selby Shotokan Karate Club: May 2000

Karate Highs: Gaining my Shodan at 16 with Kato Shihan! Being able to represent England in the European Championships. Gaining Nidan at nearly 19 with Kagawa Shihan.

Karate Lows: Not being able to train as much as I want to due to because of injuries.

Favourite Kata: Bassai Dai, I have gained a little knowledge about the kata but there is always something else you can work on to make the kata even better. Nijushiho and Gankaku are my favourite more advanced kata.

Karate Ambitions: To be the best I can in karate, to enter high ranked competitions and come away with a gold medal.

Karate Achievements: See my table above.

Other Interests: Shopping and spending money.

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