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Saturday 21 April 2007

Sam Dennis


Above: Sam Training in Italy

Above : Sam takes on Sensei Paul in Italy
May 20134thSSKCU17 Male Kumite
May 20093rdSSKCU17 Kata
May 20081stSSKCU12 Kata
May 20082ndSSKCU12 Kumite
Dec 2007-SSKCT. Jinks Cup
Nov 20062ndJKSU9 Kata
Nov 20062ndJKSU9 Kumite

Sam's Grades
12th Kyu25th July 2004
11th Kyu7th November 2004
10th Kyu13th March 2005
9th Kyu5th June 2005
8th Kyu9th October 2005
7th Kyu26th February 2006
6th Kyu23rd August 2006
5th Kyu26th November 2006
4th Kyu1st April 2007 (temp)
3rd Kyu17th February 2008
2nd Kyu22nd June 2008
1st Kyu17th June 2012
1st Dan
2nd June 2013

Date of Birth: 24th December 1996

Home Town: Selby

Date entered martial arts: 1st January 2004

Date entered Selby Shotokan Karate Club: 1st January 2004

Karate Highs: My biggest karate high is coming back to the SSCK after a two year break.  I loved been welcomed back into the club and returning to something I had missed as well as getting back to training.  Another high for me would be training at the club twice a week, I find I can rewind and concentrate on something I have a passion for (its nice to take my mind off the stresses of teenage life haha!)

Karate Lows:  I think lows come and vary in all different forms.  The three biggest lows for me would be not being flexible enough, but I think I lost that from my two year break! And the other low would be not feeling I’m good enough (especially in stances, Kokutsu Dachi is my Achilles heel!) My last Low would be trying to get the full hang of freestyle Kumite, I think I just need to beat up Stav more often to get the hang of it!

Favourite Kata: If there is one thing I love about Karate is Kata because there is always something to learn even with the Heian Katas.  At the moment my favourite Kate would be Empi.  I love the movements and shape of the kata and I feel like it suits me.  Saying this I do like Jion though...I guess my favourite Kata changes a lot as I learn new Kata and new applications to older kata giving me more knowledge on the technical side of Karate.

Karate Ambitions: At this moment in time as a 1st kyu I’m aiming for my Shodan in February.  Afterwards as I always have I’ll be trying to be the best I can be.  I aim to go to Japan as I see it to be essential to learn a bout the culture and origins of karate and I would love to think that it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I have to take because I strive to learn more.  Karate helps me keep fit and I need to get fitter and allows me use my knowledge out side of the Dojo.  One thing karate has done for me is control my nerves in stressing situations, for example I barely get nervous for exams now, so I aim to keep training for as long as physically possible for me and to become a Sensei to teach others what I have learnt.

Other Interests: Not much really, just karate at the moment, I enjoy being a teenager (at rare times) and video games interest me, otherwise its karate I love and Karate I do.

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