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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sempai Paul Brant


Paul with Yamaguichi Sensei 7th Dan JKS after his Sandan grading

Above : Paul gains a Bronze Medal for Veterans Kumite - JKS Nationals - Nottingham - November 2011

Above : Sensei Bill Rodgers holds the pad during training at Campbell Sensei's dojo Nov 2010.

Nov 20113rdJKS(GB)Ind Vet Kumite
Nov 20093rdJKS(GB)Ind Vet Kumite
Oct 20092ndIJKAIreland- Senior Kumite
Aug 20083rdIJKAItaly- Sen Team Kumite
Aug 20083rdIJKAItaly - Vet Team Kumite
July 20073rdIJKAHungary - Ind Vet Kumite
Nov 20063rdJKS(GB)Team Kata
Nov 20063rdJKS(GB)Vet Ind Kata
Oct 20062ndAMAAInd VetKumite
Oct 20063rdAMAAInd Vet Kata
July 20043rdIJKACyprus - Ind Vet Kumite

Feb 2020Kumite JudgeClass "A"English Karate Federation
May 2019Kumite JudgeClass "B"English Karate Federation
Sept 2016JudgeClass "C"JKS
Mar 2013ExaminerClass "D"JKS GB and Ireland
Sept 2011JudgeClass "D"JKS

Paul's Grades
9th Kyu17th June 2000
8th Kyu22nd October 2000
7th Kyu22nd April 2001
6th Kyu5th August 2001
5th Kyu24th March 2002
4th Kyu12th October 2003
3rd Kyu26th July 2004
2nd Kyu13th March 2005
1st Kyu9th October 2005
1st Dan
2nd December 2006
2nd Dan
6th December 2009
3rd Dan
13th October 2012
4th Dan
9th March 2019

Date of Birth: 18th March 1962

Home Town: Wistow, North Yorkshire

Date entered martial arts: 1998

Date entered Selby Shotokan Karate Club: November 1999

Karate Highs: Gaining a bronze medal in Cyprus as a purple belt, reaching the begining (Shodan), Training with friends. Having the honour of training with the late Asai Sensei and my short visit to Fujiwara Sensei's dojo in Hawaii. Gaining a bronze medal in Hungary in 2007. Grading to Sandan under Yamaguichi sensei along with the 9 months hard training before hand.

Karate Lows:

Favourite Kata: Jion (At the moment)

Karate Ambitions: To inspire others to enjoy the way

Other Interests: I have a broard interest in all martial arts, I also have attained Shodan in Jiu Jitsu. Running Soto Sabisu a micro business supporting other martial arts organisations.

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