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Sunday 17 June 2012

Wiktoria Rymarz

Oct 17

Mar 20132ndSeibukan CompTeam Kumite
Team Wolves

Viktoria's Grades
12th Kyu17th June 2012
11th Kyu17th June 2012
10th Kyu28th October 2012
9th Kyu24th February 2013
8th Kyu7th July 2013
7th Kyu22nd September 2013
6th Kyu23rd February 2014
5th Kyu22nd June 2014
4th Kyu22nd February 2015
3rd Kyu21st February 2016
2nd Kyu6th November 2016 (t)
1st Kyu8th October 2017 (t)
1st Dan

Date of Birth: 1st July 2002
Date of Birth:

Home Town:

Date entered martial arts:

Date entered Selby Shotokan Karate Club:

Karate Highs:

Karate Lows:

Favourite Kata:

Karate Ambitions:

Other Interests:

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